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Getting the band back together…


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Back in my undergrad days at Wright State I fell in with a group of enthusiastic and energetic art makers.  These folks were the ones rolling stones and wiping plates at 2AM, blasting Bad Brains records and taking frequent smoke breaks.  I most likely wouldn’t have finished out my BFA had I not met these people at the time I did… their print-shop charisma was contagious.

Through happenstance these fine fellas and I have all found ourselves back in Dayton after years apart riding the tides of graduate studies, residencies, domesticity and random Kerouacian adventures.  We are all teaching art between various institutions in the area and finally carved out time to get the band back together for a 2006 era, PMHC monoprint session.  Hosted by Tyler Peffley and Ryan McCullough at Stiver School for the Arts in East Dayton, featuring myself and Frank (ie four-fingers) Travers.  Good time had by all, here’s what I ended up with…


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