nick satinover


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Memory is a map; experience is the magnetic pull on the compass needle.  Often, true North is unfound and the boundary lines, place names, and mile markers are skewed. This folded and aged atlas may not direct with exact certainty but it certainly acts as a guide.   Though faulty and incomplete, it provides a level of comfort and familiarity when navigating new places, providing echoes of information and helping to make sense of each new physical experience.

My primary concern in creating visual works, writing and sound is the convolution of intrinsic, physical and psychological experiences of space and place. Having grown up in the tattered edges of the Midwest’s  “Rust Belt,” I have long been drawn to the forms, functions and narratives of this built environment and how they impact my understanding and relationship to every other place.

My research is based on impressions made while moving through different spaces. The past is at work in the present and I find myself constantly trying to fold them together.  Phrases, notes, observations and reflections are presented in visual, textual or audible forms in order to address a range of experiences while acknowledging the presence of an author, a subjective filter.

My hope is that this strategy will reveal a series of ambivalent statements that reflect the complexity of being: past and present, internal and external, evocative and open, critical yet non judgmental, personal and universal.