nick satinover

Two Figure-Eights Over Le Mans

Two Figure-Eights in Le Mans by small_bars from Nick Satinover on Vimeo.

Documentation of collaborative video and improvised sound performance with Ry McCullough.  Occurred on 3/7/2019 as part of Breanne Trammell’s Texas SPACE Forever J A M event, at Make Good Space, Arlington, TX, for the SGCInternational 2019 Conference.

Live sound performance consisted of 4-track audio tape made by NS, mixed live with additional performance by NS and live sound sampling/playing by RM.  Video by RM.  Documentation only shows first 45 minutes of performance.  The piece’s length was dictated by the length of the 4-track tape, 45 minutes.  After this performance, the tape was flipped over and a secondary performance was improvised with the tape playing in reverse (no documentation was made).