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Studio update, 12/4/11


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Narrow win by the Packers tonight… nervous energy in the studio…
New works in painting and collage are on their way to a logical finish:
L: Something to do with Ohio Gold Exhibitions, tentatively titled “Diminished Landscape On Display”
R: Something to do with Century Bar’s first Print Swap Meet, no title as of yet…
Table: 2 works on panel in progress, notebook of phrases









Thanks to my kindly and thrifty mother-in-law, I am now the proud owner of this Xerox copy machine (with two extra toner cartridges).  This will help realize a series of zine-like artist books with xeroxed pages and hand printed covers/inserts as well as xerox-lithography for my students/self in the coming months.

A new mixed-media piece, Reclaimed Verse (1). This is a possible beginning to a new, on-going body of work…

Acrylic, digital and hand pulled prints, collaged on reclaimed artwork.


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