About Your Dental Stuff


Chauncey Hay is a visual artist and musician from Youngstown, OH. He received a BFA in  Painting and Printmaking from Youngstown State University in 2016, where he developed an  interest in printmaking. Chauncey is currently an MFA Candidate and Instructor of Record at  Bowling Green State University with an expected graduation date of May 2021. 


My artwork playfully deconstructs common spatial relationships from environments I have  occupied. Information provided by my surroundings is repurposed, inventing flattened spaces  disguising previously identifiable terrain. Within the newly configured environment, a tension is  developed between rendered imagery and photographic representations. This tension is  presented to the viewer as a playful inventory of objects; a collection of space made useless.  The objects provide the viewer with a distorted sense spatial relationships, often repeating  shapes and colors to reroute the environment. Ambiguities in distance and scale create a  sense of uncomfortable compression that further contributes to the overall flatness. 

Website: www.chaunceyhay.com 

Instagram: @_chaunceyhay_