New Lands


Daisy Wiley grew up in Virginia where she later completed a BFA in Printmaking and a BFA in Graphic Design at James Madison University in 2017. After working as a graphic designer she began her studies at Syracuse University where she is currently an MFA candidate in Print Media. Music has always been a big part of Daisy’s life. She plays guitar, was entrenched in the Virginia and New York DIY show scene, and toured as the guitarist in a VA punk band.


My artistic praxis stalks the transhistorical – pulling at the threads of time in an attempt to make sense of and interrogate the present. I work mainly in Print Media – combining traditional processes of woodcut, papermaking, and intaglio with digital modes of creation. My practice has recently expanded to include experiments in sound. In a conceptual sense, my work is concerned with the intersections of human experiences – specifically the interplay between the local and the universal, the conscious and unconscious, text and image, past and present, and the human and the mechanical.


Instagram: @daisyjwiley