I have too much in my pockets, I wish they were empty


Felicia Cannon is an artist and printmaker. She holds an MFA in Printmaking from Illinois State University and a BFA in Studio Art from Middle Tennessee State University. Ryan Paluczak is an interdisciplinary designer and musician. They hold an MFA in Sculpture and Expanded Media from Illinois State University, an MA in Studio Art from Eastern Illinois University, and a BFA in Printmaking from Southeast Missouri State University. Felicia and Ryan met in graduate school at ISU. Their relationship is sustained by sharing meals, similar vision, providing for each other, and an undying love for the Midwest.


We have a passion for organization, structure, and repetition with variation. We love observing slow change and nurturing growth as it unfurls. Our habits include cleaning, performing maintenance, and giving care. Our current interests are: finding a new home to put down roots, working for ourselves, tending a garden, foraging mushrooms, contributing to a community, and living sustainably.