I am Not Okay with This


Born and raised in the South and currently based in the Hudson Valley, Greg Stone is an artist, printmaker, and musician. He received his MFA from the University of Kansas in 2015 and his BFA from the University of Georgia in 2011, and his work has been exhibited across the country from San Francisco to New York City. While in grad school, Greg co-founded the printmaking band À la Poupée & the Chine-Collés. His professional experience has included working in galleries, artist studios, museums, and print shops. He is currently the Master Printer at Thornwillow Press in Newburgh, NY, where he prints and oversees the production of letterpress books and ephemera. Outside of work, Greg continues his own creative practice through printmaking and songwriting, often seeking ways to bridge music and art. 


Over the past decade my artistic practice has grown from a decidedly private place into a broader, more universal, and often political realm. Ascribing to the rich history of protest art and the democratic nature of printmaking, much of my recent work has taken the form of protest posters.  For the piece I Am Not Okay With This,  I wanted to explore the overwhelming range of issues, events, and adversity currently facing the world; from the divisive political environment in the United States, and the many issues the nation faces like healthcare and gun control, to more widespread global problems such as climate change and racism. I began by writing a long list of the issues that soon developed into lyrics, with the music quickly following suit. In recording the song, I aimed to create climatic moments behind a wall of sound in order to convey a sense of anxiety in face of fear, chaos, and uncertainty, while balancing it against brief moments of respite. The print developed after the song,  but with the same goal to overwhelm the viewer. Instead of sound, the means of inundation from the image is through a cacophony of text and color. From afar the piece reads like confetti on paper, but upon a closer view, words begin to appear. Global pandemics, censorship, xenophobia, pollution, and military industrial complex are just a handful of the phrases that come into sight on close examination. The longer one spends with the piece the more overwhelming it all becomes, forcing the viewer to back away, refocus the eyes and rest on the pleasant hues of ink on paper.  

The song was written and recorded in Beacon, NY. All instruments and vocals were performed by Greg Stone and recorded and arranged in GarageBand. 

The print was screen printed in Beacon, NY, cut and calendared in Newbrugh, NY. 

Instagram: @gregstoneprints

Website: gregstoneprints.com