Object Permanence


Terry Conrad is a 2017 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Drawing, Printmaking and Book Arts. He was the 2015-16 Grant Wood Fellow in Printmaking and in 2017 he became an Assistant Professor in Printmaking at the University of Iowa. He received his BFA from Alfred University and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.


I see a print as not a fixed mark but an evolving trace that can change from the initial impression. Like a memory, scar or learning moment the impression sets in motion a slow evolving change. The unclear moments of printmaking fascinate me. Working at the press the moment of blindly lifting the paper off this tool; the plate, is the moment where certainty appears, then goes again.

Notes on the recording:

The sound experiment Composition 1 recontextualizes previous printing tools that I have been using for 10 plus years, folded and flattened tin cans. Appendages are attached to slow rotating motors as arms to tap and strike the cans. A piezoelectric transducer was attached to the cans and outputted to a Fender Blues Deluxe amplifier. No processing was done aside from the tones within the amplifier. 


Instagram: @terryjamesconrad