About This Portfolio

Tracked Prints, Layered Sounds

Organizers: Ry McCullough and Nick Satinover as small_bars

There are a myriad of structural and aesthetic similarities between printed imagery and recorded music. Many printers are also musicians and if not players themselves, many artists draw influence from the recorded music of others. Notable Kent State University alumni, Mark Mothersbaugh along with members of the punk group DEVO provide perhaps the most exemplary fusion of image and aural practice. Additionally, Northeast Ohio has a long history as an incubator of music, political activism and DIY ethics which this portfolio seeks to reflect. As makers of multiples we seek to consider the notion of self-publication, private press recordings, and editioned prints as parts of an ecology of ideas and practice. We seek community members who make both Tracked Prints, Layered Sounds.

This portfolio will collect the visual and audible work of artists both as printed editions and an edition of collaborative lathe-cut vinyl records. Like handmade prints, a lathe-cut record is made by physically cutting audio files into the vinyl in real time. Each record captures an impression of the audio, and like a print, each record is made one at a time. This portfolio seeks artists who work between audio and visual and whose work considers the intersections of commercial and fine art, personal and political, individual and collective.

Each artist will submit an edition of prints and an audio file. Each artist will receive a portfolio of prints along with a case including their copy of the collected recordings of all participants on vinyl.


Nick Satinover and Ry McCullough as small_bars

Felicia Cannon in collaboration with Ryan Paluczak

Chalet Comellas-Baker

Terry James Conrad

Katie Garth

Chauncey Hay

Robert Howsare

Andrew Kozlowski

Nick Mendoza

Carrie Scanga in collaboration with Ron Harrity

Edward Steffanni

Greg Stone

Jon Vogt

Daisy Wiley