Lathe-cut vinyl records containing four home recorded compositions, each composition composed of the same four elements:
– Verse (A)
– Chorus (B)
– Bridge (C)
– Outro (D)
Each composition shuffles the role of each part to create the following patterns:
Track 1: ABACD
Track 2: BCBDA
Track 3: CDCAB
Track 4: DADBC

Records were housed in hand-printed sleeves featuring woodcut and collaged print tear-offs. Installation at WSU alumni gallery featured four separate iterations of the records installed against collaged works with Xerox and digital printed wallpapers.

An exploration of the power of components, repetition, iteration and a simplified set of variables.

LP front
LP Front, Back and Vinyl
Vinyl + LP front
LP Front detail
Installation, WSU Alumni Gallery, Dayton, OH
Installation, WSU Alumni Gallery, Dayton, OH