…an ongoing series of audio and visual monotypes.

Fielding 01 [unturned, unexamined]

In print terms, a monotype is a unique printed image, something unrepeatable, but perhaps using the matrixes or elements of repeatable images. These works are pairs of improvised audio, recorded direct to tape, nestled in/on/about unique printed images. I am interested in the objectness of performance and the monotype print is a unique instance of time + space + material + improvisation. The images are made from quick work on a copy machine, running the black layer on top of collected Risograph test images.

As these have developed I have considered different ways the image and cassette interact as related objects.

The audio is created with various instruments and tools at home. Analog synthesizers, hand made cassette loops, guitar, kalimba, dulcimer, a Tascam Field Recorder, and a plethora of delay and reverb pedals. I collect sound from daily life with children and pets, the birdsongs of my backyard, and the traffic from our busy street. Most of the compositions are build around repeating melodies or patterns, with a limited set of elements layered on top. All of these elements are assembled live, in one take, direct to a Tascam PortaStudio 4-track. The tapes are recorded in such a way that the A side plays forward, and the B side plays backwards. Like flipping the print around, you get both sides and options.

Fielding 02 [as you rise]

Fielding 03 [notes on a location]

Fielding 04 [provisional definitions]
Fielding 05 [meander pattern in blue]
Fielding 07 [sun drenched dust]