Part catalog, part poem, part reflective analysis. A fourteen page Risograph zine, printed in Sea Foam and Bright Red, which re-contextualizes fragments of prints made during a weeklong residency period at InCahoots, Petaluma, CA. This zine pairs fragments of images in a reduced color palette with narrative text, lists, self-questioning and observations, the collective of which seeks to complement the Everyday, Annotated prints.

Full text:

Always, the suggestion is to make a list.

The list is supposed to reveal options (or at the very least provide some positive marks on a page to which one can respond).

What’s on this list? 



Sensations of light

The obfuscation of condensation on a skylight

Soft paper pressing against brittle wood

The dry air, both cold and warm

Opening shelving

A collection of stained ceramic mugs

The road underfoot

Signs about water 

Signs about fire

Pins finding holes in wooden walls

Scraps of paper

A cosmology of spiderwebs 

Books left unread

A trashcan of empty cans

In the morning, I dress to run.  

The fog just starting to break.

Several miles pass, the labor never easy.

Feet and breath unfamiliar with these hills.

At the breakfast table, toast and egg.

Coffee black and the bent spine of a book.









Pictures aren’t puzzles

       they’re portals

          and projections

          and pretenses

          and possibilities

          and poems

Images and thoughts from a week-long residency at InCahoots, Petaluma, CA, August 2022.

Works, writing, layout and printing by Nick Satinover