as slab_marls plays “anagrams” 7″ record + exhibition collateral

Front of 7″ – lathe cut record + two-color screenprint sleeve

Layers of artifice compiled as small_bars adopted the anagram persona of slab_marls to cut a 7″ record of historically referential punk-styled songs. This lathe-cut record features six tracks, recorded directly to tape with a single-take approach. No punched-in edits, strictly limited to 4 tracks per song; drums recorded to a vintage bullet-style recorder, instruments were line-in to four-track, vocals with found microphone.

Attempts were made to reference the sound and approach of several first and second wave punk/post-punk bands as well as the general visual vocabulary of record sleeves from this era.

This record was the center-piece for a canceled exhibition titled “Listening Party” which would have been the record release show, including 100 Xerox flyers of similar design.

Back of 7″ – lathe cut record + two-color screenprint sleeve