small_bars is Ry McCullough and Nick Satinover

From performance at Make Good Space, Arlington, TX as part of the 2019 SGCInternational Conference. Photo by Edie Overturf

McCullough and Satinover are interdisciplinary artists whose works utilize printmaking processes and formalist strategies.  

The common components found in their practices are contrasting abstract languages, structure versus improvisation, usage of limitations and iteration and the attempt to translate notions of being and ambivalence through visual work.  

Both McCullough and Satinover also share the particular scars of having grown up in Southwest Ohio and graduating from its local DIY punk and hardcore scene.

Within their collaborative practice they explore the structural authority of their band name moniker, small_bars.  This ambiguous name serves as an all-encompassing banner which simultaneously referencing pixels on a screen, lines of type of a letter press, halftone processes, and the physical clubs and venues their former bands played.  As small_bars, McCullough and Satinover are able to generate a collection of collateral materials such as audio recordings, videos, printed ephemera, performative events, and structural arrangements, all of which support and expand the notion of what the moniker suggests.  This collaborative effort seeks to use the form of a band-like entity to create a space where the acts of publishing, printing and performance co-exist.

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